Why Becoming A Physician Makes You Part Of The Solution


10686269_sIf there’s one sector that won’t see a shortage in job supply any time soon, it’s the health sector. Despite many advances in technology that make medicines work better and people’s life spans lengthen, there is still nothing that can substitute for the skilled work of a trusted health care professional. And what other job lets you save lives and earn a healthy 6 figure salary at the same time? Not too many that I can think of.

Many people go into medicine because they grew up around people who had health problems that they wish they could’ve fixed. For example, if you know somebody with high blood pressure, wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly what to prescribe for that person to make them better? Sure you could recommend they read The Blood Pressure Solution by Ken Burge, and send them to a blood pressure solution review to read up on it, but wouldn’t it be nicer to be able to take a truly hands on approach in helping folks with their medical problems like blood pressure?

Another great benefit of going into medicine is that as other job sectors suffer declines in growth due to the fickle nature of the economy, the health care sector is seeing a marked boom. Everybody who can afford it is still paying good money to obtain quality health care from skilled professionals. And those who can’t afford it now have insurance from the state to help cover medical costs.

Sure, this industry is still dominated by men, in part because of the technical nature of the job and the long amount of training and education involved. But whether you are a man or a woman, if you have a passion for helping treat other people, an eye for precision and are good at learning complex techniques, then this might be a job worth looking into!

Bear in mind that you need the tenacity to carry on with difficult tasks even under pressure, but if you think you’ve got the stick-to-itiveness to make it through, this job can really be rewarding. That means getting a bachelor’s degree, a degree from medical school, and years of working in residency, training for your big break as a doctor. It can be a difficult road — everyone knows medical school is a tough path, but you will also have to endure years working on the job and being exposed to the real pressures and urgent concerns as in a real live hospital or medical center.Aside from offering very competitive wages and benefits, there are also other opportunities that are available for you here.

You can choose from different specializations, according to what you prefer. This allows you more flexibility and also gives you the chance to keep learning and being better at your skill. Better skills mean better placement, career advancement, and a corresponding increase in compensation and benefits.

How much can you expect to get? Studies put the estimate at more than $234,000 in annual mean wage. However, you will have to put in years of work in training. How long? At least 11 years. It’s a long road from medical school to the hospital, but it’s a trip worth taking, if you’ve got the time, the patience, and the budget to go through formal training.

The pay-offs will end up worth it in the end once you receive your first salary as a licensed physician. The amount varies depending on the specialization that you choose; anesthesiologists for instance seem to get the most, with surgeons, gynecologists, and general practitioners not far behind, generating an income ranging from $177,000 a year to $230,000.

But aside from these monetary compensation, becoming a physician is a rewarding career path because of the number of opportunities available, the potential for career advancement, and the immaterial rewards: the feeling of being able to use your skills to save other people’s lives. Men’s skills are needed in this sector because of the technical expertise needed and critical thinking skills; you will definitely be in good company once you decide to take this route.

It’s one of the hottest job trends now, and the hype is real: it won’t die down anytime soon.

Is “The Secret” And The Idea Of “Manifesting” Just A Hoax?


A lot of otherwise intelligent people have embraced this new “manifesting” movement, which centers around the alluring concept of an all powerful LAW of attraction that can be used to bring us to the fulfillment of our greatest dreams and wishes.

And if we can be honest for a moment, we all must admit that the idea of magically manifesting things – like money – through the so-called “Law of Attraction” sounds darn good. But is it too good to be true? It certainly sounds like the kind of thing that could be potentially dangerous. I mean who wants their kids to sit around the house trying to “manifest” wealth instead of doing productive things in society, like going to college and getting a job?

The first time that you hear the phrase “law of attraction”, it may sound like some type of karmic order where good will eventually triumph over bad, but that’s not actually what this manifesting thing is all about. Manifesting or the “law of attraction”, as some may want to call it, is one of several emerging concepts focusing on positive energy utilization, which actually has some real scientific evidence behind it!

Manifesting or “using the Law” is a technique where a person is asked to imagine in his or her mind what he or she wants most in his life. The believers of this technique prefer to call the imagination process as visualization, and this is actually something that has been used by a great number of some successful business leaders and self made millionaires. In the video below Author Maxwell Maltz discusses his teachings, including his “theater of the mind” technique which numerous high achievers credit as a powerful tool for success.

With such a strong track record, it is impossible to discredit the power of visualization. However, in this new post “The Secret” world there are a lot of flaky hippie types who, by their very existence, put these “manifestation” methods in a bad light.

the important thing to remember is that as powerful as visualization and manifestation techniques may be, their is still a great deal of work that needs to be done in order to achieve goals. So while these methods may be helpful they should probably be used as a secondary means for getting the things we want in life, rather than relying upon them to do all of the work for us.

Anyone who is interested in trying out these techniques for themselves should also be sure that they are using a specific method shown to provide tangible results. One popular training program is the Manifestation Miracle program which uses something called “destiny tuning” to help practitioners align themselves with their inner desires.

The idea is to perform these visualization exercises daily and to believe completely that at some point in the future, whatever was visualized will become a reality.

The key here is complete and unconditional belief that as the process is being performed, the foundation for the building of the dream is being built. Once the foundation has been completed, the expected results will come sooner or later.

The attraction concept also rests on the premise that a person has total control of his fate. As such, whatever he or she visualizes in their mind will come to pass as long as they believe in it strongly enough.

What do you think? Is this just too out there for you, or it is a worthwhile mental tool that reasonable people can use to help them along their path to abundance? Give it a try and see what you think.

Binary Options Trading: How It Works…


binary options guyBinary options trading is often promoted as a fast way to make a lot of money, but it can also be a fast way to lose a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing! So if this is something you are interested in then it is very important that you educate yourself about ho wthis type of trading works before you invest any of your hard earned cash.

The trading of binary options is what you can think of as a type of “all or nothing” trading.  If a certain stock is higher or lower than a certain price at the date of expiration of the binary option, the buyer will receive either the entire amount or nothing at all. For example, I buy the stock of this corporation for $100. I can say that the price of the stock will be at or above $100 at 11:17 AM of the day my binary option expires, I can buy a “Call” or “Up” Option. If I am correct, I will receive $1000, which is a predetermined amount of money. However, if I am wrong, I do not receive any money. I can also bet that the price will be lower than $100 at the time and date of expiry. In that case, I purchase a “Put” or “Down” Option.

Although simple enough, when trading, it is vital to comprehend the costs and benefits of binary options trading, which are not similar to traditional options. One notable story is last June 2013, when the United States Securities and Exchange Commission alerted buyers regarding fraudulent binary options trading platforms, as there was a company selling them unlawfully and illegally. However, if done legally, the buyer will be aware of the risk and reward as there are only two options—getting the money completely or losing it completely. However, the potential for loss may be greater with binary options, as a person has to be right more often than he or she is wrong to always be gaining money.

One option that appeals to a lot of newbie traders is to invest in an automated trading system which can advise users in their binary option trading decisions. There are many bots on the market, so of course you should be advised to do your due diligence and investigate which trading robot is best for your situation before making a purchase.

You should also be aware that Binary options platforms have often been criticized as gaming platforms instead of investment platforms as they require little to no know how of the stock market; all one really has to do is see whether the stock’s price or asset will rise or fall in a given time frame.

Hot Job Trends Be A Software Developer


Code OnThe job market can be a fickle one, and with an uncertain economy, you would want to pick a career that provides the right space for you to grow, pursue your own individual goals, and be financially rewarding in the long run.

Job prospects are heavily dependent on economic trends — where the economy moves, the job market follows. So in an increasingly technological world, it follows that jobs that involve the technology sector would be hot for this year, and for the years to come. It doesn’t look like this focus towards technology won’t be dying down any time soon.

While many universities offer courses in software engineering and coding, there are plenty of resources out there that offer coding lessons at your own pace. It’s a truly rewarding job opportunity that can bring back good benefits.

Here’s why you should consider becoming a software developer: it’s one of the top occupations that has consistently seen growth post-recession. Since 2010, the sector has seen a 7% growth, or more than 70,000 jobs added.

It’s a lucrative market that can make on average over $90,000 a year. Experts also say they don’t expect this trend to die down soon — in fact, it’s even projected to grow 30% in ten years.

Why the growth? In a world where tech companies — both start ups and established ones — are competing to outdo each other, they would need all the talent they could get. To capitalize on more and more users on social media and online in general, companies need professional and skilled software developers to utilize big data and execute strategies that will make them commercially viable.

If you plan on becoming a software developer, you have a variety of job options to choose from — such as working in software manufacturing industries or even designing software or apps. It not only requires a background in computer science or coding knowledge, but creativity as well.

To move up in your career, you should have the right mix of creativity and discipline. Software development requires precise technical knowledge while at the same time, software concepts need creativity and sheer ingenuity.

If you’re looking for a job that promises career advancement, space for new, exciting and bold ideas, and a dynamic work environment, the software developer world may just be right for you. In a fast changing, modern world, the only way to go in this sector is up — and that can put you at the forefront of development and wonderful career opportunities.